• Azor


    So riveting, sly, and sophisticated is Azor, it’s incredible to think that it’s Swiss filmmaker Andreas Fontana’s debut feature. Set in the vampirically elegant, high-finance world of Argentina’s ultra-elites, this icily controlled conspiracy thriller holds its tension like an unsprung bear trap.

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  • Maeve


    Recalibrating patriarchal narratives through a female lens, Pat Murphy marries melodrama to political critique for an invigorating examination of the Troubles. Structurally fragmented through a series of conversations and confessions, Maeve is a quietly radical landmark in Irish and feminist cinema.

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  • Annette


    Visionary filmmaker Leos Carax’s fantastical, mind-melting rock opera swells with visual invention and emotional highs. Stunningly physical performances from Adam Driver and Marion Cotillard—along with hypnotic music from iconic pop duo Sparks—make for an adrenaline shot of pure cinematic maximalism.

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  • One from the Heart

    One from the Heart

    Following Apocalypse Now, Francis Ford Coppola revived the working methods of Hollywood’s golden age with this modernist rebirth of the musical. Largely misunderstood in its time, One From the Heart stands today as a dazzling love story painted with rapturous artifice inside an imaginary Las Vegas.

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  • Petite Maman

    Petite Maman

    Following the international triumph of Portrait of a Lady on Fire, Céline Sciamma returns to the mysteries of childhood with this spellbinding adventure in imagination. Delicately playful, and tinged with melancholy, Petite Maman weaves a spectral fairytale from a child’s-eye view on love and loss.

    Now showing in UK & Irish cinemas today (November 19) and coming to MUBI on February 18.

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  • Donkey Skin

    Donkey Skin

    Jacques Demy and his musical muse Catherine Deneuve reunite for this adaptation of Perrault’s fairytale, a fantastical, even surrealistic pastiche—Demy’s exercise in cinephilia. Featuring Delphine Seyrig, and, knowingly, Jean Marais: star of Jean Cocteau’s Beauty and the Beast!

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  • What Do We See When We Look at the Sky?

    What Do We See When We Look at the Sky?

    An enchanting love story suffused with magic, this amiably ambling fable is fit-to-burst with hope and wonder. Alexandre Koberidze’s generous ode to romance wanders the sun-dappled streets of Georgia’s ancient Kutaisi with open arms, inviting its inhabitants—and their mysteries—into a warm embrace.

    Now showing in US theaters today (November 12), and on MUBI January 7 in US, UK, Turkey, Canada, India, Italy and Latin America.

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  • Moments Like This Never Last

    Moments Like This Never Last

    A graffiti artist and prolific photographer, Dash Snow used the streets of pre-9/11 NY as his canvas. Vividly capturing his decadent scene through intimate home movies and insider testimony, Cheryl Dunn’s beautifully edited portrait is at once a vital time-capsule and a spirited ode to outsider art.

    Now showing (almost) globally here.

  • Friends and Strangers

    Friends and Strangers

    A riotous snapshot of millennial aimlessness, James Vaughan’s witty comedy has that oh-so-famous Australian sense of wry irony, wrapped in a deceptively sunny, Rohmerian aesthetic. A new side of Sydney is ingeniously captured, as the cityscape warps into an absurdist backdrop for awkward encounters.

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  • The Young Girls of Rochefort

    The Young Girls of Rochefort

    This finale in Jacques Demy’s romantic musical trilogy is sparkling and spellbinding: buoyed by the marvelous combination of Catherine Deneuve and real-life sister Françoise Dorléac, and one such American in Paris, Gene Kelly. A film of many moving parts, all dreamily put together.

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  • Passing


    An impassioned tale of identity and longing, starring a superb Ruth Negga and Tessa Thompson. 

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  • Cryptozoo


    A psychedelic odyssey to a phantasmagorical world where mythic creatures both enchant and ensnare, Dash Shaw’s vision of a soon-to-be-ruined utopia bursts with hallucinatory images. Channeling retro action-adventure thrills through singular hand-drawn animation, this is a trip you will never forget!

    Now showing in 🇬🇧 🇮🇪 🇩🇪 🇹🇷 here.