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Two Gods | Official Trailer

Beautifully composed in black and white, Two Gods renders its subjects with great intimacy to create an invaluable document of the Muslim American experience.

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Announcing the arrival of a major new voice in nonfiction filmmaking, Zeshawn Ali’s debut is a vibrant portrait of community and faith. Beautifully composed in black and white, Two Gods renders its subjects with great intimacy to create an invaluable document of the Muslim American experience.

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Life in rural Hungary turns vivid in this unusual animated short made from children’s drawings. Despite their young age, the budding artists impressively capture the hardships faced by the Romani community with equal stoicism and innocence, all while adding a dose of fantasy to everyday routines.

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In some brave films, pointing a camera amounts to an accusation. Jonathan Perel’s extraordinary documentary does exactly this. With the sinister atmosphere of clandestine detective work, this investigative film reveals the dark crimes of Argentina’s living history hiding behind present-day facades.

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For arguably one of his best films, Mrinal Sen masterfully turns the film-within-a-film trope on its head to comment on the film industry’s apathy and blind privilege. Featuring an outstanding performance by Smita Patil, this nuanced critique of exploitative art practices remains extremely relevant.

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Fortunate to see the new 4k restoration on the big screen at the Aero Theater presented by Beyond Fest with special guest Udo Kier! Amazing night and a great revisit of one of my faves.

The Severin Blu-ray & UHD release is great.

Special Features:
- Trans-Human Flesh And Blood: Interview With Director Paul Morrissey
Rubinia’s Homecoming: Interview & Location Visit With Actress Stefania Casini
- Blood For Udo: Interview With Actor Udo Kier
- Little Big Joe: Interview With Actor Joe…

The Crazies

The Crazies


Romero is so good at digging into cracks and splinters at a societal level that aspects of this ring true having (so far) lived through an actual pandemic and watched as a government that focuses so much of its energy and resources on plunder and destruction awkwardly try to shift gears to respond to domestic threats and come up against a selfish, well armed, populace. Okay so maybe in real life armed troops in hazmat suits didn't raid small towns,…

Still having fun with the Last Drive-In and this is absolutely a bonkers Italian 5 star movie. It’s just nonstop ridiculousness and crazy over the top gore. It doesn’t make any sense and it peaks with a helicopter crashing into a theater so it’s just truly great. I couldn’t even begin to guess the number of times I’ve watched this.

Produced by our lord and savior Dario Argento, directed by Bava Jr, written by Dardano Sacchetti, starring a cast of…




‘They will make cemeteries their cathedrals and the cities will be your tombs.’

The perfect slice of midnight madness—Italo chaos magic courtesy of Bava and Argento that pits Unsuspecting theater goers under siege by pus dripping fluid spouting blood slathered deadite demoni. The escalation here is key, constantly one upping the over the top factor with each set piece slathered in more gore filled chaotic absurdity. Coke head punx, Tony the pimp, dump trucks of gore chunks, a slammin’ score,…