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  • The Basketball Fix

    The Basketball Fix


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    "The movie and subject matter that millions of theater goers have been waiting and clamoring for".

    How's that for a bunch of ballyhoo bullshit made up by yours truly? I'm not a basketball fan in the least but when I saw a photo of the dvd-r posted in the Something Weird Video facebook group I knew I had to see this. I love the old exploitation roadshow films about all kinds of vices and rackets but basketball? Basketball???

    Immediately I…

  • Mandy



    Pitch black in the house, family asleep in bed, dog curled up beside me, cell phone dead silent, big screen tv, blu-ray and headphones resulted in a glorious viewing experience of a movie that held me spellbound and grateful to be alive and a fan of genre films. 

    Captivating in every way, my fears of being another viewer missing the boat on “Mandy” were put to rest after two hours of visual and audio bliss. I didn’t think I would ever…

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  • Violence and Flesh

    Violence and Flesh


    A nasty slice of sexploitation thinly disguised as a hostage taking heist film. As far as non porno sex movies go this one does get quite graphic with very little left to the imagination particularly with the hard to watch man on man rape scene. 

    As grim as the movie is it does try it’s darnedest to be more than just shock and awe and titillation. It has some tenderness, some philosophy and empathy to it but those values are…

  • Dreamscape



    It was nice to revisit a childhood movie that I had a love/scared relationship with. I really dug it because of the dreams- the way they looked and sounded, it was captivating yet unnerving for my 12 year old self. As a very active dreamer for all my life it’s still such a fascinating concept to me. 

    I watched it again tonight after a very long time since I last saw and it held up beautifully and looks terrific on blu-ray. Christopher Plummer was marvellous as was David Patrick Kelly, they were a slam dunk as partners in nefarious activities.

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  • Wild Riders

    Wild Riders


    All I could think about before I went to bed was "please don't let me die in my sleep and make this piece of garbage the last movie I ever watched".

  • Wait Until Dark

    Wait Until Dark


    Susie just may be the most adorable house wife ever. I wanted to take a hold of her and never let her go.

    If a cramped looking and slow building movie isn't your cup of tea then you had better move on to something else. However, if you enjoy great acting, an intricate and detailed plot and some tension thrown in then sit back and take this ride.

    Is it perfect? Very few films are.
    Is it engrossing? I thought so.