Luca ★★★

Ugh. It got worse on rewatch. 

Messages are far too vague and it can’t pick a direction and stick to it, while meandering suits the type of story, it doesn’t work with the given plot.

I don’t want to sound like everyone else but I think it would’ve worked much better if it was openly queer. 
It would’ve suited the message this film is trying to get across better.

Don’t get me wrong, I think affectionate platonic male relationships deserve more acceptance, but it simply doesn’t work alongside its metaphor as we aren’t shown enough to support the reason the director gives.

 The whole thing with “coming out” and wanting to fit in seems like it would’ve perfectly fit with a queer story, but that’s fine, it’s not my main problem at all. 
I just simply don’t think it’s that good of a film and doesn’t go deep enough to justify its existence.

But... still Pixar and there is a lot to like.

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