The Irishman

The Irishman ★★★★★

Other than the uncanny valley hell-scape of De Niro's face, this was perfect. It's a Shakespearean tragedy and a powerful statement by a great artist near the end of his career. For those complaining about a lack of well-rounded female characters - that's the whole point. He's lived his entire life in this male-centred world of mob violence and its his encounters with women - three in particular- that leave him completely shattered and unable to cope with his own past. The lack of female dialogue reinforces the one-dimensional nature of his world and renders his actual, meaningful encounters with women that much more powerful. The characterizations are perfect across the board.

Would it have been more cinematic if Anna Paquin had drained Jimmy Hoffa of his mutant powers and if De Niro had given his shield to Jesse Plemons at the end to take up the mantle of THE IRISHMAN? I'll let film Twitter decide.

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