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  • The Corruption of Chris Miller

    The Corruption of Chris Miller


    This Spanish psycho-drama largely has to do with the dynamic between a woman and her stepdaughter, who live generally secluded in a mansion and have a tenuous relationship, as well as a drifter who ends up at their house and insists on sticking around. Roughly the first hour is focused on all that but around the midway point there's a violent occurrence that shakes things up, leading to a suspenseful climax and a great ending. All three leads have solid…

  • The Beyond

    The Beyond


    Like the other two films in Lucio Fulci's Gates of Hell trilogy, City of the Living Dead and House by the Cemetery this has a prevalent feeling that something horrifying beyond the characters' understanding building up either without their knowledge or if they notice, without their understanding. It happens throughout the film, leading to a lot of dramatic irony. Unfortunately unlike the other two the characters here just weren't too interesting or someone I'd feel bad for. There's a good…

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  • Winterbeast



    A cozy and very endearing time with small cramped sets, awkward but fun dialogue, a lot of underacting with one character's overacting balancing all that out in some wild ways, and topped off with really charming stop-motion monster attacks. It doesn't fully make sense but is very lovable. Its stiltedness can be a turn off and didn't help my nodding off toward the end but its wonderful low budget vibes more than make up for that and even compliment that…

  • Almost Human

    Almost Human


    This is a decent crime thriller elevated by the great lead performance of Tomàs Milian as Giulio, a small-time criminal with a fragile ego. He's very sweaty and unstable but the performance is so good he's captivating. The cop pursuing him played by Henry Silva is also fairly compelling too. The movie's so grimy and meanspirited I can't see myself rewatching it much but it was a time.