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  • Looking for Richard

    Looking for Richard


    Weirdly this is one of the more successful attempts to ape Orson Welles tone/approach, albeit not the stuff people would necessarily think of first I suppose (check this guy out, one twitter thread and they gave him a PHD apparently) .

    Still, where was this VIM during Chinese Coffee, Al?

  • Chinese Coffee

    Chinese Coffee


    Jerry Orbach in this is just what I sound like when talking about podcasting. A well of inconceivable snobby bitterness about never having written a book or whatever. I found it almost impossible to watch I was so convicted by it. So imagine how rickety the directing has to be for me to score it as if it's a passable quickie edgar wallace adaptation or something. Al, mate, move the fucking camera around a bit but not like that.

    Edit: maybe I'm rating this too low, I'm still thinking about it. Is there a minimum score for "prompts depressive episode"?

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  • Halloween Kills

    Halloween Kills


    Halloween blows.

    This isn’t a film, it's limited edition merch. It’s licensed ephemera that the accountants, landlords, product managers and any other well-adjusted member of the spend-money-now official horror fandom,who dress vaguely rockabilly for some reason, can safely enjoy with their terrible children.

    The opening flashback of Halloween Kills is the biggest brick I’ve seen in a while: a nerd looks into the camera and croaks “the boogey man”, some homescholled-stage-kids fail to be convincingly mean and Jim Cummings, the…

  • Halloween



    The top-voted Letterboxd review of this film is an imaginary conversation an ancient shithead claims to have had with teenagers in which he blew them away with the opening shot of Halloween (presumably before bench pressing them both.)

    He claims to have done this merely to prove “most of them have the attention span of fruit flies with ADHD and that most modern media seems to cater to their sugar rush needs causing them to lose appreciation for the power…