Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049 ★★★

I'll say this: considering the year it was released and how expensive it was to make, the fact this 30-year late follow-up to Blade Runner managed to be as slow and contemplative as it was is nothing short of a miracle. However, it's far too lengthy for a film that beats you over the head with the exact same message the original film was able to convey in a succinct two-minute exchange between Harrison Ford and Rutger Hauer.

For all the money and talent thrown at this project, it's ironic that it only reinforces the brilliance of the first Blade Runner, while everything new became lost... like tears in the rain. In fact, the moment Harrison Ford was dragged out from his retirement home to cameo is exactly where the script truly began to collapse upon itself. The ties to an established property is precisely what prevents 2049 from flourishing as its own science-fiction detective story, and instead exists as an inferior version of a movie you've already seen.

Blade Driver 2049 is the perfect film for anyone longing for additional stories set in the Blade Runner universe. For everyone else, you're better off sticking with Ridley Scott.

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