Blindspotting ★★★★

More like Spike Lee's Do the Right Thing and less like Ryan Coogler's Fruitvale Station, this exciting comedy / drama catches the cultural complexity of a dynamic urban setting without despairing over the constant economic and racial setbacks. Using notions that are relevant in today's day and age, as well as putting a unique spin on filmmaking in general, the way this film gets its points across is effective and astoundingly done.

Diggs and Casal's—who also star in, and produced the film—script starts off being very comedic to help the audience warm up to their characters and to the see the world through their eyes before entering into the very heavy issues it takes on. This in turn helps to elevate each of their performances.

Diggs begins the film as the comedic straight man pointing out the ridiculousness and futility of situations he comes across. But as the film goes deeper into its themes character's arc Diggs delivers a captivating, dramatic and compelling performance. And Casal also brings a strong layer of depth in his performance near the end that brings a sense of empathy towards his flawed character.

All in all, Blindspotting is one of the finest films 2018 has had on offer so far, and a must see for any film fan. It will no doubt be overlooked by many due to the smallness of the production and lack of media coverage, but this is a gem worth your time, and worth seeking out.

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