The Old Man & the Gun

The Old Man & the Gun ★★★½

A wonderfully delightful film. Surprisingly middle-of-the-road for me personally, but impossible not to enjoy due to the heartfelt performances by both Redford and Spacek; The characters they play fits them like a glove. Lowery's script avoids cliches and gets at the lead character in a sure-handed way that respects both the actor and the audience, giving everybody credit for being able to connect the dots without forcing it.

The film itself is a nice mixture of mass appeal and the independent projects that Redford has long supported. Few actors get such a perfect farewell tribute, and though it's not quite the home run I hoped it would be, at least Redford gets to tip his cap to the fans. Let's bid a fond and appreciative farewell to one of the few Hollywood icons still alive. Thank you for all the fond memories we shared Mr. Redford. You will live on till the end of times.

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