Three Identical Strangers

Three Identical Strangers ★★★★

I won't spoil anything, but this film is best enjoyed knowing absolutely nothing about.

The fourth documentary to enter my top 30 of the year, and I still have many great ones left to see (Free Solo, RBG and more). I have no words to mince. It absolutely wrecked me and shook me apart in every direction. Three Identical Strangers is a documentary that had me weeping for 90 minute straight for every possible reason imaginable, and at the end I just wanted to hug my parents. The way this doc unfolds as a thriller is masterfully done, and the recreated insert flashbacks are really well-done that add to the overall effect of this film. I'm just really baffled how so many people are lukewarm on a documentary as stirring, moving, and fascinating as this one.

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