Mylene Melgar

Mylene Melgar

I just really like films.
I rate movies based on how much I enjoyed them.

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  • Soul



    I think the message in this movie is quite literally what defined 2020 for me. With the pandemic and a LOT of weed this year, i learned that not everything needs to have a purpose and life is just worth living. I actually laughed a lot and I was completely entranced by the jazz scenes. 

    I also have full on conversations w my cats, he’s not special.

  • American Honey

    American Honey


    This is probably one of the most “real” films i’ve ever seen. I usually am a sucker for a no plot just vibes films, but this one was a little to real for me. This film did a really good job at showcasing the part of America that everyone   ignores. I did feel a bit uncomfy and sad, but that’s because it was well made !

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