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  • Man with a Movie Camera

    Man with a Movie Camera


    Extremely innovative camera work that puts many modern day films to shame.

    It completely engulfs you in the world of the time period and then keeps you interested with the fancy cinematography.

    Not much that could be improved here.

    Four and a half stars.

  • About Elly

    About Elly


    Its just such a tightly wound drama plot and pacing that on the one hand is a bit obvious, but on the other feels ingeniously innovative. 

    I already have plans for a similar movie I wanna make taking some inspiration from this one.

    Farhadi reigns supreme.

    Four and a half stars.

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  • Us



    Don’t read any reviews on this.

    But if you must, I will only tell you this: Us is ten times scarier than Get Out. It’s also as good, if not better than that film. Peele shows his mastery at screenwriting once again.

    I know I’ll be watching this film once more when it hits theaters.

  • Room



    A well crafted movie that is rather depressing. I’m glad it spent an equal amount of time inside and outside the room, because not enough focus is put on the aftermath of traumatic events like this one.

    And obviously it gets its power from the child-like perspective it takes.

    Four stars.