It's Such a Beautiful Day ★★★★½

This film will make you laugh out loud, question your life decisions and give you new perspective on everyday occurrences. Quite possibly the best animated film I’ve ever seen. 

And I’ve never seen a film quite like It’s Such a Beautiful Day before. The film is assembled through a collage of hand-drawn animation, stop motion photography and what can only be described as playing with light itself. This film shows the limits of successfully innovative animation.

The writing is full of wit, but it bites. This perfectly matches the art style of the film which appears simplistic at first but reveals itself to be magnificent at the end.

The only thing holding the film back from five stars is the background information that I brought to the story. I’ve seen various Don Hertzfeldt shorts before made me enjoy the extremely outlandish parts of the film a little less, like the segment about his grandmother.

Maybe on a second viewing these apprehensions will go away, but I recommend watching this movie before you see anything else by Hertzfeldt.

Four and a half stars.