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    Broadcast News

    I love seeing vintage DMV locales on film, the scene at BWI is partly so beautiful because of those red tile columns that are iconic still today. Even love seeing all the homes and old school DC restaurants.

    But I loved and really felt every character in this, such a beautiful and surprisingly hot rom-com/ take on the, long dead at this point, field of tv journalism. 

    PS: Holly Hunter is hot and I’m okay with saying it.

    PPS: But…

  • Spencer


    Soundtrack was an interesting choice… I liked it but idk if it was right for Dianna, at least the jazzy parts. Uhm it was cool? Idk lol I just let the costumes and scenery talk to me. Some of it was a mess tho lmao. Interesting way to tell her story, but it felt out of touch with reality in a not so endearing or necessary way at times

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  • Dark City Beneath the Beat

    Dark City Beneath the Beat

    Part 1 of my review is on the film, part 2 is a personal diary.

    Part 1:

    This is a fav automatically for the fact that it is a full fledged film on Netflix that has people rocking off in it. But seriously I love and appreciate the shine this puts on so many artists in Baltimore of various types. Big love to TT, Kotic Couture, DDM, Blaqstarr, Scottie B, The Crown… everybody. I think if this is your first…

  • Zola


    I did enjoy this movie and thought it was beautiful in its very matter of fact conversational way of filming, like Zola on Twitter. Especially with the Florida scenery, the character contemplating over water shots were especially Michael Mann-ish, whose Miami Vice also got a shout out, so Ofc I was hype!! It’s score and soundtrack were great too!!

    BUT (slight spoilers)

    Some directing liberties were taken with Zola’s original story that I think were just gratuitous trauma porn: 1.…