Scarface ★★★

Talk about a film that hasn't aged well. The synth score, the songs, the performances, the sets and overall look, the title cards, the drama, thanks. And it's weird too, because I usually love films with a heavy 80s look and feel...not so much this one. I don't know, unlike some other 80s films like The Terminator, Scarface felt exceptionally cheap, fake, and generally speaking just dated in a bad way. And while Al Pacino's performance as Tony Montana might be iconic, he was just too cartoony in my eyes. Brian de Palma's direction is also surprisingly lacking here; some of his signature camerawork is present, but you do wonder why De Palma was picked to direct this if the story doesn't really ask for his usually energetic kind of direction. While the film does admittedly have some cool moments and I wouldn't say I disliked it or thought it was a bad film, Scarface just didn't really appeal to me.

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