Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★

In the director’s cut for Watchmen, Dylan’s The Times They are a Changin’ plays over the typical Snyder slow mo visuals during the title sequence. That’s a good song of course but it’s also probably track #1 on those sound of the 60s albums they used to sell on infomercials. It’s about a 3 minute song which is a major problem for a Snyder cut because he needs more time to properly set up the movie!  So what does he do?  Replays one of the verses of course lol. 

That about sums up my feelings on this movie and on all of Snyder’s movies: they’re way too long, too reliant on gimmicky visuals and full of questionable music choices. There’s a cover of Bad Moon Rising (track #2) and a cover of The End (#3) in this, both insulting to the originals. Then just take a wild guess what Cranberries song he includes. I’m sorry but the guy has the most basic musical taste ever. 

That being said, I’ll take this over Suckerpunch or BvS all day. As others have noted, the title sequence for this is actually really cool. It’s just way too long and repetitive. A theatrical cut would’ve been better like they are for all of his movies (haven’t seen Justice League SC yet, the original was so bad that might be the exception).

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