2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey ★★★★★

How do I even begin to gather my thoughts?

Probably the best piece of cinema I have ever seen. I absolutely loved it. I went in prepared with a big bowl of freshly cooked pasta and a couple shots and I just let it wash over me and I absolutely loved it. Its a deeply relaxing experience, I didnt mind zoning off at times because I think thats what the films all about. Its a deeply personal experience, thats why I wont even try to put into words my interpretations and what I thought about it literally, because its completely abstract and any number of people get their own abstract ideas from it. Its like personal meditation, taking time to think about what life really means to you.

I completely understand how people hate it, I was half expecting to hate it I went in completely neutral kind of knowing there was a possibility to hate it and if I did I would embrace the hate, like I have done for a couple of other popular art house movies. But I just couldnt for this one because I just absolutely loved it. The experience itself was just amazing, internalising all these incredible visuals. Also asking myself the question, how is it that we are limited to the eyes, limited to a certain amount of colours, we cant go beyond, I found myself asking that during that final colour sequence. Its like the peak of how humans understand themselves. But then again I wasnt thinking in that final colours scene as I was feeling. This is why I love art and film it gives voice and channel to questions and emotions. This movie is like the peak of film.

And I did not expect whatsoever that I would come very close to tears in 2001: A Space Odyssey. That final HAL scene is breathtaking its so tragic. It hit me by complete surprise. The most human character in the whole movie is a bloody computer. I understood him so well, I understood when he was offended or hurt, when he was prideful, when he was scared and of course when he was in pain. I like to believe that, given that the films is split into three parts of three different times, we understand the middle because thats where we are and the first and last are the most abstracted because those are different points in human evolution that we dont understand. So if you showed a monkey the first part he would perfectly understand the narrative like we understand the middle yet would think the other 2 are super abstract. The same way with a hyper evolved space human. Yet I think no one would understand the black monolith. Well to me at least I think it represents different stages in humans evolutionary history. Time itself. The idea of human evolution itself, going past the threshold that limits us and becoming something more. To me the very final scene is humans having gone too far and looking back on earth wanting to start again. Like a baby wanting to go back to the womb. Anyway whatever these are just my ideas.

I mean I could go on but I guess what would be the point, as I said this is a deeply personal experience. What I will say though is that I genuinely thought this film was made in the 90s or 80s I was actually blown away when I saw the actual date. Its a technical achievement like no other. Most good movies there are 3 or 4 shots that stick with me for this movie I remember so many. The spaceship landings do look kinda weird though which is pretty much my only criticism of this film. The fact that the Boss Baby was made 40 years later is an insult to cinema. Then again I believe the technial achievements of this film work very well when specifically applied to this film and very cleverly done. Its a movie like Memento in which form and structure mimics meaning and narrative. Its made in this groundbreaking way with these incredible visuals redefining what humans thought cinema was capable of in this long intense form which mimics how its about the groundbreaking achievements of humans and their will to stand the test of time and time itself. As well as of course, what it is to be human? And many other things. I think Ill stop writing now. Needless to say this has been one of the best films Ive ever seen in my life and one of the best film viewing experiences Ive ever had.

Absolutely fantastic, this Kubrick guy is pretty good at making films.

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