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  • The Last Autumn

    The Last Autumn


    Tom Cruise running? Entertaining. 
    Sheep running? Very Entertaining.

  • Promising Young Woman

    Promising Young Woman


    Usually when my expectations are through the roof for a film it ends in at least a modicum of disappointment and boy was I was excited about this movie. This movie exceeded all my expectations. It will stay with me for months. Mulligan has just made it harder for me to decide what my favorite actress' best role is; I can't think of anyone that could have played this part any better. Emerald Fennell has a command of the material and the actors that frankly I can't remember seeing with a first-timer. I'm very excited for her next project. I'm watching this again tonight.

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  • Gleason



    Is this the most biased movie review I will ever write? Yes, yes it is. There is no way for it not to be. That being said I have tried my best since seeing it last week to think about it as someone who hasn't known Steve for over 25 years. I've found that it is pretty tough task. In the press leading up to tomorrow's release it's often been said that the film is a tough watch. And it…

  • Sicario



    Denis Villeneuve's latest feature brings us into the world Mexican drug cartels and the American war on it. Emily Blunt plays an FBI Agent in Phoenix who is recruited by and volunteers for a special government task force to go after the cartels operating near the Mexican-US border.
    First-time screenwriter Taylor Sheridan's script is a tight thriller and many times harrowing piece of work that never lets go of you. It is not interested in telling us any more than…