Black Christmas

Black Christmas ★★★

“You messed with the wrong sisters.“

people tore this apart like crazy on here as well as on my twitter tl. from what i gathered the main problem is that many take offense with the strong feminist message it’s trying to send. which i fully understand because this is a VERY heavy-handed script to say the least.

while i agree with much of what it has to say, it would’ve benefitted from a) being just a little less self-gratuitous and b) more gore and an r-rating. not because i necessarily need the violence but it would have balanced out the clumsy elements to a much better degree. a lot of its themes are brash and feel unrefined the way they’re presented in this final product. there are so many out-of-left-field moments where i went “yes! but not like this”.

they almost did more harm than actually negotiate rape culture and institutionalized misogyny, but i think the kickass last act really saves it because it’s there that they truly indulge the female heroism i so wanted throughout the other hour of the film. fucking loved the part where they call out the prof for not having any women on their syllabus, we’ve been struggling with the same thing at our english department and nothing’s changed yet either

all that said, i’ll probably end up rewatching this next christmas again. whole lot of fun, good energy (even if cringey) and does something different with the original film’s premise of crazed campus killer. not a fresh take but i like it for trying to tackle contemporary issues. now that i think about it though, they really don’t fuck with the christmas theme at all so this might as well be a regular teen slasher.

anyway, we as a people do not appreciate Imogen Poots enough for how great she is. what a great scream queen! any lesser actress would have completely butchered the little consistency in her character’s arc but she pulls it off and with it the story. Cary Elwes is hilarious

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