Greener Grass

Greener Grass ★★★½

“I’m- excuse me I have Julian here, he’s a dog now.

of all the weird shit i watched over the past year this certainly takes the cake. i don’t even know how to think about this. it’s so offputting but looks really cool and bold with the oversaturated colors and almost blindingly bright lighting. the dreamiest of dreams until you look more closely and see that it’s rotten to the core. suburban soccer moms really are what awaits you in the eighth circle of hell huh. also why did they all have to wear braces, i got war flashbacks to when i had mine for six years 😭 

2019 seems to have been a pretty grand year for indie co-directors cause there’s quite a few unique gems like this one that grew from friend collabs. produced, directed, written, and acted by Jocelyn DeBoer and Dawn Loebbe; Greener Grass is their absurdist love child. i have mad respect for them to pull through with such an unconventional narrative.

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