Ocean Waves ★★★

“The whole thing was starting to feel like a bad soap opera.”

kinda was one too if we’re being honest here. they tried keeping the finger on the pulse with a 90s coming-of-age story but among the throes and woes of moving away and being left behind it feels so superficial and overdramatized. the whole objectification of the girl protagonist in this weird ass love triangle had me feeling some kinda way, and don’t even get me started on the slapping each other around. 

i think it has some very beautiful images and manages to convey some of that sweeping upheaval we all felt after finishing high school. big Frances Ha energy with the tokyo trip. so far my least fav ghibli production though, looking as good as the others but nowhere near the emotional & thematic authority. its 70mins feel longer than they should because the story’s spread so thin.

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