Tomb Raider ★★★★

“All myths are foundations of reality.”

i’m as suprised as many of you are, yes this is actually pretty good, has a well developed story and set of characters and i want a sequel. 

i was hesitant to embrace Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft when they announced the casting because she is a TINY woman (who i love very much) but somehow they managed to have her look buff and she also brings so much more fierceness to the game than i’m used to see from her. she owned this role, and can i just say that she is magnificent at screaming in pain because she can have her voice break so well. applause too for her her sidekick played by Daniel Wu he was SO COOL i want him to return. 

didn’t buy too much into Walton Goggins’ villain (also who pronounces Mathias and Vogel like that pls) but it was actually a well established one! had his motives and they were not afraid to go places with the character. the action sequences are good, maybe a bit messy but it’s like Jason Bourne without the acid trip shaky cam and you can see what’s going on. sure lots of it is over the top and these humans live through the craziest falls etc but i have a feeling that it’s close to the source material where the characters probably survive much worse (correct me if i’m wrong).

i got annoyed at the music though because whenever shit hits the fan it gets obnoxiously loud and breaks the tension up (not in a positive way) and with a film like this its really scarring to transition every couple minutes between DIE EARS DIE and ok we cool again. otherwise i liked the story and was happy with how they handled the twist and ending. it also doesnt have much cringeworthy humor in it and holds the gritty tone much better than i thought it would.

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