• No Time to Die

    No Time to Die


    “Harder to tell the good from the bad, the villains from the heroes these days.”

    i both respect and fear cary fukunaga for the way he had me and most everyone else in that early sunday afternoon audience WEEPING with the ending. hysterical sobs my dudes. absolute banger finale and a beautiful homage to daniel craig’s run with an emotional masterclass that - at least for me - makes up for a lot of its rather limp plot. holds a special place in my heart now :)

  • Casino Royale

    Casino Royale


    David Arnold’s score for this is otherworldly and the Vesper theme is just one of those tracks that are stuck in my head all the time. I think about Eva Green a lot. also tried to make a Vesper martini and that shit could genuinely kill a horse, I don’t know how these people still played poker after more than three sips

  • Midnight Mass

    Midnight Mass

    “There is no time. There is no death. Life is a dream. It’s a wish. Made again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and on into eternity. And I am all of it. I am everything. I am all. I am that I am.“

    returning to this notion of a wishful promise made through the affirmation of life as much as death and the blurred border between them really ties the show’s themes to THoHH for…

  • Peter Pan

    Peter Pan


    i stand with captain hook on this one, peter pan actually the creepiest-looking mf this side of neverland and i’d want his little goblin face smacked into oblivion too

  • Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers

    Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers


    yeah nu-uh this one does absolutely nothing for me, although I will say watching Dr. Loomis just yell at a clearly traumatized child for half the movie had me cackle. considering the import of her role to the film I’d have been glad for some proper lines instead of mere gawking and gasping most of the time, and the psychic link is such a poor, harebrained attempt for cause with an effect that doesn’t forgive the wearying set-up either. I hate how it silences her. the pitchfork and scythe kills slap though!

  • Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight

    Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight


    “Fifteen thousan people disappear in Poland each year, a third of them in the woods.”

    a polish slasher mix somewhere between TCSM, Friday the 13th and Wrong Turn with a knack for grueling backwoods gore (love how gross it gets) and some comments on this generation’s tech addiction. the later theme doesn’t really go much of anywhere after the halfway point so it’s only empty padding during the first act that could’ve been rushed through to the action or better…

  • My Heroes Were Cowboys

    My Heroes Were Cowboys


    “You can see it in their eyes. There’s a better side to this horse.”

    this short is gorgeously shot and scored but I don’t have any love for a profession that essentially boils down to beating already broken horses further into submission for grueling work in the entertainment industry, so no thanks. wish the visual beauty had been used for a different tale than this man’s delusional emphasis on keeping with “tradition” and whatnot

  • Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers

    Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers


    I have to laugh about the state of that police station after Michael went through it. completely annihilated. did he just spin around and body slam everyone and the furniture too? guess we’ll never know. this is a sucky follow-up to the 2nd film with a bad mask but I like the idea of Laurie’s daughter as the main pull and it makes for one of the best endings of the series. Danielle Harris the mvp.

  • Dune



    “One day, a legend will be born. All of civilization depends on it.”

    I have quite a few things to discuss about this one but am going to let those thoughts simmer a while longer until I see it again on a bigger screen. I will say though, this is a phenomenal introduction to what is sure to become a sci-fi spectacle for the ages and a more than worthy adaptation of Herbert’s dense narrative. so hoping it will make enough…

  • Caveat



    “Do you think he’s gonna let you leave here?”

    sure is long and slow-burning enough for what little narrative it tells but hot damn Irish horror just hits different, doesn’t it? always in ruins on the surface or rotting beneath it, atmosphere in decay. Damian McCarthy I’ll be looking out for you

  • Malignant



    “There’s no one there. It’s all in my head. It’s all in my head. There’s no one there.”

    as the arguably more certified horror fiend between the two of us it was delightfully telling that I did not clock the main twist until half an hour after Fabio. head empty, just went with it, nothing but camp vibes and expectant glee. I do think it stumbles through the first half a bit too heavily (we love those numerous creeping transitions…

  • Patchwork



    “All in favour of killing this Bitch... say Aye!”

    ooohh this was a boat-load of fun. I quite like Tyler McIntire’s more recent Tragedy Girls as well and you can nicely see his style forming here in this first feature. both stories dig into female friendships through bizarre horror contexts that nonetheless leave room for a charming connectivity between its main players. Patchwork hinges these themes on a Frankensteinian multiplicity of voices within the same body, captured with dark comedy that comes…