POSSESSOR is very very good. It's less WTF and extreme than I anticipated, and more thought-provoking and conceptually dense than I anticipated (I don't remember precisely where I got any of these expectations). By the end of the film I understood viscerally what Cronenberg was aiming to communicate, and to that end I found Tasya Vos's character to be extremely relatable. This is uniquely a film for anyone who's worked as, say, legal counsel for a major global conglomerate (as I have) and understands intimately the sorts of psyche damage that can result from being that sort of gun-for-hire.

On another note, it's a damn shame this isn't going to be playing to packed pre-covid theaters of people yelling and gasping at the screen and storming out to demand their money back. And the whole thing just looks so damn GORGEOUS it deserves a big screen to lovingly display all those textures and ambiences.

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