Booksmart ★★★★

I agree that coming-of-age stories should always get made, if not for its inherent value but in the hopes that every kid could find solace in something. Booksmart may be the closest it’ll get for me, and for that I’m grateful.

Cause it’s a great film. This (delightful and spot on) cast were probably just playing variations of their true selves. Every character is multi-faceted — you don’t need to squint to see that they all have their individual aspirations and anxieties, private or public. And Wilde makes them out to be kind kids. (Also, so queer friendly there’s not even an implict reference to discrimination)

There’s something so endearing yet refreshing about the tone of this film. And while I don’t think the whole is the sum of its parts, there’s no doubt that Booksmart is FILLED with genuine heartwarming and absolute crackup moments.

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