Parasite ★★★★

Parasite shows that Bong Joon-ho has perfected his unique style of genre-defying drama-flick(?) at this point. And for me this is both the film's greatest strength and weakness. Masterfully crafted, the metaphors, as obvious as they are - visually, spatially and contextually, superimposes each other perfectly to enrich the storytelling.

I think Bong has always made 'commercialised' films in the sense that they have a certain processed structural flow; while this is fine, in Parasite, plot turns and character decisions felt like means to an end more often than I liked. It works best (and boy is it good) as a heightened tragicomedy parable about the malignant symbiotic relationship between two ends of the class hierarchy. But it also seeks to show much more, like the unbridgeable divide between social classes, or performative appearances and the freedom with which each is afforded etc. And that requires more nuance and plausibility for me.

This also really made me wish Burning won the Palme d'Or the previous year.

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