Shoplifters ★★★★

I have to say this did not quite meet my high expectations (inevitably hyped by Cannes), but the film is undeniably well-made, tender and poignant. There is a lot that is said in the film's undertones, but Kore-eda does not let any of it boil to the surface. In fact, in perhaps the film's most climactic scene, Sakura Ando's Nobuyo repeatedly uses the motion of brushing her hair back to disguise wiping away her tears. It is a powerful, powerful, muted scene delivered by a stellar performer.

The best shot of the entire film is a shot looking down sideways from the roof of the shabby shed-house, the six dwellers huddled together, poking their heads out to the fireworks in the distance, one they can't really make out. A poignant portrait of one found family.