Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Woman 1984 ½

In my professional opinion, this movie is the worst piece of shit ever.

Throwing aside the insanely bad geopolitics of this (seriously), basic questions like "What are Wonder Woman's powers?" are never really answered.

Also, the whole plot hinges on some sort of wish stone that was put in Wonder Woman's path after she stops a heist by a bunch of fat middle aged guys with mullets and mustaches, and the bad guy (a not so thinly-veiled metaphor for Trump) does the thing that every kid answers when presented with the question "if you had three wishes, what would you wish for?"... well, more wishes!!!! DUH!!!!!!

Well that is of course bad, but Wonder Woman wishes to see Chris Pine again, who died. So instead of bringing him back to life, he sort of takes over the body of another guy in 1984. But the characters (and the movie), never bother to ask themselves what the hell happened to that guy?? Did he have friends?? did his family miss him? Where did he go? They just casually destroy some guy's life and carry on their merry ways like it was nothing. I can't stop thinking about this!!!

And oh yea, Kristen Wiig is a bad guy too. Because she wants to be pretty and cool like Gal Gadot and the movie tells its viewers YOU CAN'T DO THAT YOU UGLY NERD!!! So Kristen Wiig gets so mad that she turns into a cat from the film "Cats". Seriously.

Also lol at the fact that every single woman in Gal Gadot's tribe has to do her very bad israeli-english accent. Poor Robin Wright didn't deserve this.

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