Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Not a single star rating can apply to my opinion of this film.

 Is it well made? Yes. Did the absurd runtime go by faster than I expected? Yes. Was I entertained and even thrilled at times? Yes. 

But on the other hand

Is the filmmaker’s intent very uncomfortable, bordering on poor taste? Yes. Did this film really have to be this long to make its point? No, and it’s still pretty pointless. Does the crowdpleasing climax I adored justified? Not exactly.

The restraint Tarantino has on his new film is great at building a tense atmosphere and enhances what it led to incredibly, but then there are about five minutes left in the runtime. After all the steam has been released, the closing meet-and-greet ended up frustrating in just how pointless it feels with so much film.

Should I be feeling some sort of way because this might be the last time we see a mainstream big budget movie with a celluloid aesthetic and an adult audience in mind with no intent of franchising? If it’s the case, this is in fact very unfortunate but also it makes me realize that there are other places to look, we shouldn’t rely on Hollywood for mature storytelling. Tarantino isn’t some god or the last American auteur, he’s just the last one to be getting a budget. This farewell (or possible retirement) letter feels kind of dumb with that in mind.

Every technical detail is pretty good tho. The sets are amazing, the soundtrack of oldies didn’t bore me like they often do. The editing is kind of a mixed bag, the pacing isn’t great but there were some very welcome rough cuts that added to the humour as well as the way multiple storylines were crafted to make us realize they happened at the same time and the countdown to the climax is perfect. 

Oh and I never cared for the feet in Tarantino’s filmography but for the first time they bothered me! Putting your feet on dashboards or movie theatres’ seats is gross and rude, don’t do that.

The sequence where Margot Robbie buys a book and goes to see herself on screen is delightful, despite her limited lines she did an absolutely fantastic job with body language and her expressions.

Spoilers unless you’ve seen this or do not care, your choice
I do not wish to make a callout or cancel anyone. I don’t have the smarts to ever come on the winning side. But there is something that really pissed me off with the historical revisionism. This wouldn’t have bothered me if I didn’t know about Tarantino’s admiration of Roman Polanski as well as his defence. It comes accross very uncomfortable to alter the events of his surroundings, possibly avoiding his awful crime and to then have the main character getting a chance to work with him as the happy ending. 

Fellas is it gay for your stuntman to drive you around, hang out alone in your house and be a bff you’re closer to than your fiancé? 🤔🤔

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