Pieces of a Woman

Pieces of a Woman ★★★

Haha sorry that did almost nothing for me. Big fan of in-you-face soul-crushing dramas with gimmicky cinematography and also of Mundruczó’s White God but this was written way too unevenly for me to connect with it. Two scenes stand out but the rest feels like a clumsiy adaptation which makes me feel that this story and its structure works better for the stage as it is pretty lacking cinematically. Vanessa Kirby is as good as everyone says, Molly Parker’s small role is pretty strong. 

If you don’t feel comfortable with Shia LaBoeuf being in this film, feel free to skip this, chances are nobody will talk about this when the award season will be over and that Netflix’s algorythm buries this along with any of their releases that aren’t comforting family friendly releases

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