Grease ★★★½

*lyrics from hopelessly devoted to you*

*lyrics from there are worse things i could do

me vs typing greece every time i tried typing this movie title anywhere
hi haven’t posted in forever bc i don’t rly like watching movies alone i get kinda bored asdfghjkl so listen i watched like half of all cheerleaders die with oomfs but then they all left halfway and i left too bc it got too scary. then like last week i watched “the feels” with bella & nicole it was so.. 💤 so we stopped halfway and went to do sm else so i’ll try to finish those soonnn anyway SO how i got to watching this movie u ask? ok i’ll tell you. i was doing that “30 day song thing” where every day u pick a song that matches the description from that day or whatever and one of them said “a song you like from the 70s” and i searched and searched and found ZERO songs i could bop to from the 70sso i went to my wise edgy oomf, nick. like hey 70s song are so bad (bc he has a whole playlist of them that i went thru) and he was like i feel like you’d probably like songs from grease i was “omg that movie is from the 70s?” and i had no idea and i was like yeah i’d probably like the songs bc they’re from a musical i like musicals wtv turns out nick has NEVER even seen grease asdfghjkl so i was like ok watch w me soon and so we watched today yes..
now onto the review a whole essay later:
i do vaguely remember watching grease live for carly rae jepeson when it came out so i kinda had an idea of the movie but not reallyyy i’m still very lost but i’ll get to that first of all i was p surprised by how good it looked for the 70s like omg i liked the visuals or whatnot it was a pretty movie i love danny he’s such a guy u wanna playfully punch in the arm guy like awwww and  frenchy.. like love her. the blonde side character guy (the nice sweet ditzy one) i love him sm he was me and nicks fave. so yeah i luv them i’ll get to sally later anyway the girl who sang worse things like i think she’s suppose to be the baddie but i didn’t get baddie vibes from her i think i PERSONALLY would’ve perffered like the modern mean girl baddies we see now a days and that song would’ve been a SERVE with a girlie like that but i mean whatever what can you do i didn’t personally find her that likeable but i liked the concept you know!  the songs are so iconic i didn’t know how many were from here that i already kind  knew i was like omg! and like i can see how this inspires modern day pop culture or wtv like esp one of the first songs heavily inspiring that scene from teen beach movie i was like woah! ok anyway 
bias 💫: frenchy and the blonde boy my babies yes.. but i also love sally ofc but ok spoilers? ahead  🚨 i loved her like before IT happened bc asdfghjkl first of all her getting attached to a boy she met in one day like.. me teas anyway she’s also just a little cutie you know and i personally liked her as that little prissy cutie innocent or whatever girl but then they randomly changed her to asdfghjkl what she was at the end I WAS SO CONFUSEDDDD LIKE WHAT like ok girl go and change for your mans that’s the moral of the story like me teas as well... BUT LIKE HUH WHY IDK maybe i didn’t pay enough attn but i was caught off guard. anyway yes ty to whoever reads these like I DIDNT KNOW SOME OF YALL ACTUALLY DID ASDFGHJKL anyway luv y’all

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