Blindspotting ★★★★½

You monsters got me feeling like a monster in my own town!

Bold and raw. 

With the comedic tone this movie started in, little did I think I'd be in for the rollercoaster of emotions it put me through, but anger was the main emotion I felt while watching this movie about the injustice the black community faces on a daily, all embodied in the character of Collin, the most accurate representation of a police brutality target. This movie works so well in regards of today's sociopolitical disposition.

The friendship between Collin and Miles is the essential comedic relief in this movie, it would soften my heart at multiple instances, mainly because Miles and Collin are so different but somewhat complete each-other: Miles is definitely a more hard-headed and problematic individual whereas Collin is calmer, more rational, and more cautious. But this friendship was equally my main frustration in this movie, because it represents white privilege by excellence, to see Collin always get the bad end of the stick and not Miles even though Miles is the one that gets them both in trouble, truly aggravated me.

The fear that Collin felt, in every decision that he would make was so fucking intense especially in the scenes that he raps in. I thought it was incredible writing to have included rap in this movie, because it is a huge part of the african-american culture and also I think it was the most powerful part of the entire screenplay. 

The last scene of the movie, is an absolute masterwork... Daveed Diggs's performance was definitely one of the best of 2018 and there is no doubt in that. 

Finally, I must talk about the amazing cinematography this movie offers, Robby Baumgartner gave us soft/gloomy lighting in the day-time, and colorful neon lights in the night-time, and I fell absolutely in love with it. 

I strongly recommend this movie, it'll make you laugh, cry and want to scream.

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