Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★½

A welcome twist to the very played out zombie genre that still manages to buckle under cliches and an overlong runtime. Snyder’s decision to forego a DP and be his own cinematographer highlights his obsession with shallow focus/blown out bokeh that just becomes excessive. I appreciate the dedication to his vision, but the visuals in this I feel are begging for a different voicing in unison with said vision. It comes across almost as self parody of his body of work. There are some fucking cool moments in this but 2 or 3 equally dumb ones(whether it be attempts at humor or pulling on heartstrings)to counteract. This just simply isn’t cohesive in its sprawling two and half hour runtime. Maybe I’m expecting far too much from a lumbering video game-esque action flick but then again it really could have been great. I want to be on team Snyder but sometimes he makes it really tough.

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