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  • Be My Cat: A Film for Anne

    Be My Cat: A Film for Anne


    "Be My Cat : A film for Anne" has breathed new life into Found Footage films! Ground Breaking Cinema that in my opinion surpassed the Holy Grail of Found Footage films.. The Blair Witch Project!

    It didn't blur the lines between fantasy and reality it obliterated them! Never have I as a woman viewing a film felt so vulnerable and utterly helpless.. I was beside myself with mounting and unshakable fear!

    I was shaken to my very core for the…

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  • Be My Cat: A Film for Anne

    Be My Cat: A Film for Anne


    It's that special time of year when I do my darnedest to scare myself silly. Thus far I haven't been able to work up some good old fashioned goosebumps muchless a good fright, so I decided to bust out a tried and true gut wrenching chiller called Be My Cat : A Film for Anne!

    My first review was a raw, unadulterated freak out, anything less wouldn't have done the film justice. The 1st time is always the best, most…

  • Moose the Movie

    Moose the Movie


    My favorite holiday is Halloween. And if I had it my way we'd celebrate it 24/7 365 days a year! Instead I have to settle for the whole month of October! So let the celebration commence!

    I'm kicking it off with this unexpected treasure! Moose: The Movie! Better than it has any right to be ;-)

    If you are looking for a comedy horror that definitely has its LOL moments.. baby have I got one for you. Desperate for laughs?…

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  • Nightcrawler



    It would be easy to write director Dan Gilroy's (directorial debut) neo-noir crime thriller off as just another story about a sociopath when clearly it is about so much more! It is a scathing commentary on a corrupt media where ratings trumps the basic principles of ethics, integrity and morals!

    "If it bleeds it leads" mentality reflects man's primal bloodlust! We've essentially replaced gladiators slaughtering Christians in Roman arena's with the network news!

    And if you take it one step…

  • Edge of Tomorrow

    Edge of Tomorrow


    Went in with low expectations and was pleasantly surprised by how clever and entertaining it turned out to be!

    One part Groundhog Day, one part Starship Troopers! Tom Cruise is getting a little long in the tooth but he proved he's still got it!

    Only gripe was the anticlimactic ending!

    Naughty Approved!