Antichrist ★★★★★

You can say alot of things about lars von trier both good and bad but you can never say he didn't serve up enough provocative portions of psychological gobbledygook to keep us chewing on our cud for days on end!

The opening scene in black and white is unbearably beautiful! If you look at it too long your retinas will surely fry for they have never been ravaged by such exquisite imagery!

The slo mo acts of unbridled amour accompanied by the intensely haunting aria Lascia ch'io pianga have been seared into your memory, the branding iron still stinks of burnt flesh! The other shoe falls an innocent young life is taken! You hear the sizzle as the iron finds your flesh!

The rest is a mind boggling descent into the wretched abyss of Madness! Revelation! and Mutilation! Every time someone watches this and is offended a bloody wanker like me gets their wings! (It's A Wonderful Life) or horns ;-)

Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg were absolutely magnificent!

Naughty Approved!

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