River's Edge ★★

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This review may contain spoilers.

Film #4 of the February Movie Challenge : Keanu Reeves or Bust!

Loosely based off a real incident involving a girl whom was murdered and raped and the crime went unreported for a couple days!

This obviously left an indelible mark on writer Neal Jimenez! In turn he wrote a bizarre story about a group of young people whom were so unredeemable and unrelatable that the audience would have no other choice but to show them the same lack of compassion and empathy as they did the lifeless corpse who was once their friend!

The characters were so over-the-top (not in a good way) in the quirky and damaged goods department that it actually took away from the story in my opinion!

Perhaps it was too disturbing for Jimenez to portray these teens in a realistic light thus he stripped them entirely of all humanity! After all it's much easier for society to swallow if they are demonized and caricaturized to the point they are portrayed as monsters!

I personally didn't care for the film and I cannot recommend it!

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