Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Terminator 2: Judgment Day ★★★★★

Like James Cameron's Aliens it features a game winning blend of Science Fiction, Action and Horror! However if you strip it down to the bare bones it is simply a retelling of the original Terminator only on a much grander scale! Nearly an hour longer, bigger and better special effects, bigger and better action scenes, an even more relentless, deadlier, unstoppable foe in the form of a T-1000! Plus with the longer runtime it was able to devote more time to character and storyline development!

Playing Devil's Advocate I'll use George and Louise from the TV series The Jefferson's as an example. Terminator represents the Jefferson's while they resided in Queens whereas Terminator 2 represents when they resided in Manhatten! Both examples they are equally funny and
compelling and they remained the same people they were before they came into money! So the only real difference was Appearances! Same can be said about Terminator and Terminator 2!

The original was a lean (shorter runtime) mean fighting machine! It pretty much gripped you by the jugular right from the start and throttled you mercilessly right up to the very end! It NEVER gave me a chance to catch my breath! This was the first truly nonstop pulse pounding film that I had ever seen and like your first cigarette it made my head swim with its dizzying nonstop action and thrills! The sustained pummelling of my senses heightened my anxiety levels to the point of feeling ill! But at the same time I had never ever felt so alive! This my friends was the beginning of my lifelong addiction to thrills and chills! For that reason alone if you made me choose between these two films I would choose the Terminator every single time! While Terminator 2 was bedecked and bedazzled in ever way, shape or form! The original had the heart and soul of the franchise and that is something that can't be bought not even with the 100 million budget that was allotted to Terminator 2!

***Terminator budget was only 6.4 million!

Doggone it! Now you all got me arguing with myself over which film is better! That tears it! I love them both for they are like my children, equally loved but for differing reasons!

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