Turtles Can Fly

Turtles Can Fly ★★★★★

Simply devastating! It is always the children who must pay the ultimate price for adults greed for oil, money, power, natural resources or political agendas!

No country that has ever installed landmines can ever claim to be religious, civilized, moral, ethical or humane without revealing themselves to be outright hypocrites!

Director Bahman Ghobadi created a film featuring real refugees with no acting pedigrees whatsoever! These children are the real deal! They're not acting so much as reliving the horrors of their lives! You can look into their faces and see the pained expressions, their innocence forever lost and at the same time you're impressed by their astounding resilience!

The realism captured on film was so devastatingly real the cast and crew literally had to take breaks to cry! I call this a two wave film! The first wave deals with your viewing experience as it is happening in real time so be sure to bring your hankies! But watch out for that second wave that hits you hours or even days or weeks later it packs a real wallop and all the hankies in the world won't help you!

Even though the subject matter prompted emotions to rise within you I found the film remarkably restrained! It was as if everyone involved, audience included were in a complete state of shock! And that the profound effects of the film wouldn't hit you like a ton of bricks until later on when you've had time to fully process the film!

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