Rogue One: A Star Wars Story ★★★½

prefacing this w/ how utterly utterly sad i am about the loss of carrie fisher - i found out a few hrs after seeing this, she was dynamite and full of hope and i will miss her terribly.

i've got a lot of Thoughts on this film, and most of them are positive! which is nice, as my expectations were pretty low going in. my issue is that it feels like there's two different films being made (or trying to be made) here - the "war" drama, as exciting and tonally viscerally different as the promo suggests, and the franchise obligation film ft. questionable cgi cameos, corny dialogue and a waste of a considerably talented supporting cast (a VERY underused ben mendelsohn and riz ahmed in particular).  the bits of it i liked i rly liked, but i just can't vibe with how much time it spends declaring how different it is from the main films then constantly referring back to them. would recommend ultimately tho. diego luna is very cute. and great robot. really great robot.

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