2021: Chan, Whale, Chaplin, Mickey Mouse, Fassbinder

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  • Only God Forgives

    Only God Forgives


    Way, way more interesting than anticipated.

    A quiet and slowly thoughtful film in many ways. It takes its time.

    It looks fabulous, of course you would expect that. It's highly, highly stylised. Blues and reds dominate. It is always visually compelling. It's very urban. Fascinating use of corridors and walls to frame the action. They are used to create suspense: prepare for action.

    Spotlights too - Lynchian, almost....certainly dreamlike, though not sure yet what it has a menacing atmosphere.…

  • Muse: Drones World Tour

    Muse: Drones World Tour


    I miss live music sooooooooooo much (the extra o's are for emphasis).

    The crowd shots here have so much resonance. 2018 feels so distant now: at this particular moment. The communal rapture of sound, for a couple of hours at least. Gathered together in harmony: we took that for granted didn't we?

    I can't wait for this not to feel unusual any more. A love of music unconstrained.

    I like Muse. I've been around since Showbiz. Old school rock with a modern sheen - all done cinematically: once upon a time in Devon.

    A fabulous show - visually spectacular. Great music.

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  • Accident



    Europe must have been in existential crisis in 1967. A lot of the early New Wave films were dark affairs. But they also had a playfulness, a joie-de-vivre, and sense of hope. But in 1967 Bresson gives us the tragedy of Mouchette; Godard went apocalyptic in Weekend. And in the UK, Losey gives us Accident. It is a brilliant, complex but immensely bleak view of the English middle class. If art reflects life, it is no wonder large parts of…

  • Tout Va Bien

    Tout Va Bien


    I go along with the broad critical consensus – that between 1960-1967 Jean-Luc Godard created an incredible body of work: innovative, daring, exciting, controversial, sexy, funny, beautiful, challenging and unique. I want to write these words in red, white and blue capitals. Maybe split them across a page or two: and of course accompany the texts with the sound of a gunshot. That would be Godardian. He created such a distinctive visual style – it becomes difficult to use words…