Betty Boop oop-a-doop

A list of all shorts in which Betty Boop or early Betty prototypes appear. Covers the Betty Boop, Talkartoon and Screen Song series of shorts.

Ten recommends from me to get you started:
Bimbo's Initiation (1931)
Dizzy Red Riding-Hood (1931)
Chess-Nuts (1932)
Snow-White (1933)
Mother Goose Land (1933)
I Heard (1933)
The Old Man and the Mountain (1933)
Making Stars (1935)
Out of the Inkwell (1938)
Sally Swing (1938)

(Personally still to see: You try somebody else, Time on my Hands)

Unavailable: Betty Boop Series 81 - Buzzy Boop at the Concert (1938). Considered lost I think.Some internet sources say a copy exists in Russia, but not sure if this is true.

Read notes
  • Dizzy Dishes
  • Barnacle Bill
  • Row, Row, Row
  • Mysterious Mose
  • Silly Scandals
  • Any Little Girl That's a Nice Little Girl
  • Kitty from Kansas City
  • Please Go 'Way and Let Me Sleep
  • My Wife's Gone to the Country
  • Betty Co-ed
  • The Bum Bandit
  • By the Light of the Silvery Moon
  • Bimbo's Initiation
  • Bimbo's Express
  • Minding the Baby
  • Mask-A-Raid
  • Jack and the Beanstalk
  • Dizzy Red Riding-Hood
  • Any Rags
  • Wait Till the Sun Shines, Nellie
  • Just One More Chance
  • Boop-Oop-A-Doop
  • Oh! How I Hate to Get Up in the Morning
  • The Robot
  • Minnie the Moocher
  • S.O.S.
  • Let Me Call You Sweetheart
  • Crazy-Town
  • The Dancing Fool
  • Chess-Nuts
  • A Hunting We Will Go
  • Admission Free
  • The Betty Boop Limited
  • Stopping the Show
  • Betty Boop's Bizzy Bee
  • Betty Boop, M.D.
  • You Try Somebody Else
  • Rudy Vallee Melodies
  • Just a Gigolo
  • Betty Boop's Bamboo Isle
  • Betty Boop's Ups and Downs
  • Betty Boop for President
  • I'll Be Glad When You're Dead You Rascal You
  • Betty Boop's Museum
  • Romantic Melodies
  • Time on My Hands
  • Betty Boop's Ker-Choo
  • Betty Boop's Crazy Inventions
  • Is My Palm Read
  • Betty Boop's Penthouse
  • Snow-White
  • Popular Melodies
  • Betty Boop's Birthday Party
  • Betty Boop's May Party
  • Betty Boop's Big Boss
  • Mother Goose Land
  • Popeye the Sailor
  • The Old Man of the Mountain
  • I Heard
  • Morning, Noon and Night
  • Betty Boop's Hallowe'en Party
  • Parade of the Wooden Soldiers
  • She Wronged Him Right
  • Red Hot Mamma
  • Ha! Ha! Ha!
  • Betty in Blunderland
  • Betty Boop's Rise to Fame
  • Betty Boop's Trial
  • Betty Boop's Life Guard
  • Poor Cinderella
  • There's Something About a Soldier
  • Betty Boop's Little Pal
  • Betty Boop's Prize Show
  • Keep in Style
  • When My Ship Comes In
  • Baby Be Good
  • Taking the Blame
  • Stop That Noise
  • Swat the Fly
  • No! No! A Thousand Times No!!
  • A Little Soap and Water
  • A Language All My Own
  • Betty Boop and Grampy
  • Judge for a Day
  • Making Stars
  • Betty Boop with Henry the Funniest Living American
  • Little Nobody
  • Betty Boop and the Little King
  • Not Now
  • Betty Boop and Little Jimmy
  • We Did It
  • A Song a Day
  • More Pep
  • You're Not Built That Way
  • Happy You and Merry Me
  • Training Pigeons
  • Grampy's Indoor Outing
  • Be Human
  • Making Friends
  • House Cleaning Blues