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  • Bolo



    Call a doctor! The editor is overdosing on methamphetamine!

    The sole directorial effort of the One and Only Chesty Morgan of Hong Kong Bolo Yeung — besides one or two forgotten and abysmal trashpiles — is visibly incompetent, silly, epileptic and only interesting under the influence.

  • Cleopatra



    If I saw that upon its release in 1934, I would have drooled over Claudette Colbert’s Cleopatra for my entire lifespan 💜🥺
    (Once again, a thirst review)

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  • Black Sabbath - Live in Paris

    Black Sabbath - Live in Paris


    Me: Bruh this is fake... Ozzy is way too sober in this
    Ozzy: *starts to move around chaotically during the solo on Black Sabbath like a coked-out broken Beyblade that already had too much amphetamines for the night*
    Me: Oh....... well... Never mind, then

  • They're Watching

    They're Watching


    Ok wow I’m totally going to Moldova now I don’t even care if I get axe-murdered