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  • Burglar



    The plot is a rambling mess, like a Raymond Chandler mystery at its least coherent. But the whole film surfs on the raw improvisational energy and presence of Whoopi Goldberg (and Bobcat Goldthwait who is kinda' adorkable). Even if its far from Whoopi's best material, it's still a treat to watch anything from the most vibrant period of her career. There is also a fun sideplot with a couple of cops played by Anne De Salvo and John Goodman who…

  • Nimic



    Unsettling short film, feels like it was made by the same people who threatened to kill J. K. Rowling after she tweeted that sex is real.

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  • The Hunt

    The Hunt


    A provocative powerhouse drama, and the final evidence that Danish writer/director Thomas Vinterberg is back in form.

    In THE HUNT Mads Mikkelsen plays a kindergarten teacher who is wrongfully accused of sexually molesting a child. As seen in several real life cases, things quickly escalate out of control. The idea that someone abused a child can bring out the worst in us. Here we're helplessly trapped on the side of the accused, and all we can do is watch as…

  • Badlands



    Even if you're not a big Terrence Malick-fan, there's no denying that this, his first feature, is a beautiful and at times quite unsettling piece of Americana.

    The filmmaker has been accused of getting lost in his imagery, in the composition of pictures and sound, instead of focusing on story, which in my opinion should always be the backbone of any great narrative film. Brad Pitt loves the man, and described the filmmaker as "an underwater diver who's waiting for…