Ready Player One ★★★★½

The film had everything I wanted. Massive changes from the book, but I think it makes it better. We now have two uniquely separate interpretations with the overriding themes preserved in both. I can revisit both versions numerous times and continue to be entertained. Spielberg captures the adventure spirit from many of his movies from the 80s. This isn't just a nostalgia trip both the book and film have a great message about technology.
The only small issues I had with the movie were the villains and the initial exposition inner monologue. The monologue made the first part of the movie a little jarring, but it recovered quickly with the first event. The villi ans were too over the top. Ben Mendelsohn was good in the role, but I think the book Nolan Sorrento was a tad more nuanced. The added girl villain was the only change or addition I wasn't fully behind. Too over the top, and they could have scaled her back a bit too make her more menacing. These are still minor gripes for an overall fantastic film I can't wait to watch again.