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  • Iguana


    Miserablist incel bullshit. It might have held some value as an analysis of wounded toxic masculinity if it didn’t so wholeheartedly buy into its own flawed message.

  • The Social Dilemma

    The Social Dilemma


    Melodrama & talking heads. This move is fine. Like most Netflix productions, the heavy-handed editing can be distracting at times, combining an unintentional (?) camp sensibility with the urgency of a campaign of moral panic à la mid-1980s Tipper Gore. Overall, it does a decent job of offering a cursory explanation of the topics explored.

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  • The Secret: Dare to Dream

    The Secret: Dare to Dream

    Why, Katie, why?!?! First Scientology. Now the thoroughly discredited The Secret.  What’s next? Selling cosmetics on social media for a multi-level marketing scheme?

  • Psychomagic, a Healing Art

    Psychomagic, a Healing Art


    With this, Jodorowski basically became the Gwyneth Paltrow of the alt cinema world.

    And I say that while also respecting his contributions not only to alt cinema but to the cinematic landscape in general.