Freaky ★★★½

Vince Vaughn is an entertainer I’ve often enjoyed and ‘Freaky’ is no exception, it’s just sadly not as “exceptional” as I’d have liked. It’s ‘Freaky Friday’-meets-‘The Hot Chick’ by way of ‘Friday the 13th’, for a pitch like that, it doesn’t really fill up it’s plate at the buffet which leaves little reason to come back for seconds. Shot and staged competently but never really has any interesting shots to enjoy. Nobodies acting is bad but aside from Vaughn’s teenage girl take & Newton’s silent killer offering, there isn’t really anything “amazing” happening here. This movie meets the level of entertainment you’d want from a movie like this, but never more than that and even then, it’s only juuust there. The SFX at the beginning were nice but clearly were just there to reassure the audience of kills to come and to be patient. Overall, ‘Freaky’ is a decent little offering but not much else.