• Thunder Force

    Thunder Force


    While this never tests your patience, it also never satisfies on any level. I came for Octavia but this is clearly Mellisa’s party; down the middle comedy and acting & shockingly poor plotting. This whole movie is like the first act of something I DO NOT wish to see the resolution to. This feels like ‘Theodore Rex’ levels of stupid in a way less likable/fascinating bag. I got more out of the Chicago setting than anything else in the movie. Overall, you have the “super” power to not watch this movie. Hone that ability, your powers are boundless.

  • The Boys in the Band

    The Boys in the Band


    Wow! It REALLY feels like I’ve spent 2 hours at a 1970’s drunken, catty gay birthday party, in a nicely decorated apartment, that’s vibe is turning more sour than sweet. Next you’re gonna tell me this was based off an off-broadway play... REALLY!?

  • A History of Violence

    A History of Violence


    This movie is both brutal & beautiful BUT I snorted laughing for a solid minute after Viggo “became” Joey in the Philadelphia Bar. The way he just moves his shoulders & head, side-to-side a little and then “I’m Joey”. It’s like first year levels of acting choices, hilarious! Overall, one of Cronenberg’s best & least Cronenberg-ian works.

  • Darkman



    Look, sure Liam Neeson & Frances McDormand... but Larry Drake doe.
    You’ve gotta hand it to Sam Raimi, what’re his version of ‘The Shadow’ might have been, ‘Darkman’ is just a better thing to have than to go without. Liam Neeson is a man working on perfecting synthetic skin but has only been able to make perfect human flesh masks that can stand being in sunlight for 99 mins. Due to events beyond his control, he and his lab are blown…

  • A Wish for Wings That Work

    A Wish for Wings That Work


    The cat in the rainbow wig & Robin Williams screaming “AN ALBATROSS!” are two things I had forgotten how deeply ingrained they were. Almost has an early MTV animation vibe at times, plus a cute story.

  • Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation

    Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation


    I watched this on the date they mentioned in the movie: April 6th, 2021... I’m special. Gotta love a Jay Leno reference followed swiftly by a Rosanne Barr singing the National Anthem reference, all topped off with a room full of talk show hosts; it’s just so delightfully dated. There are a ton of not just creative sight gags but even camera choices, the animators were really having fun with this project, some reaction faces are almost Ren & Stimpy-esq at…

  • A Fantastic Woman

    A Fantastic Woman


    The title is true: she is a fantastic woman, I could have just used a more fantastical movie. Don’t get me wrong, there is very little in the way of “wrong” done here since there’s only 2 touches of magical realism and this movie really could have used more to bring us into the true head space of our lovely lead. Sure, the situation befalling them makes it quite clear this is a stressful and shitty one to be in…

  • 8 Heads in a Duffel Bag

    8 Heads in a Duffel Bag


    If this were just about Joe Pesci & David Spade running around, snarkin’ it up, this would probably fair a bit better than as the ensemble Mexican-based dark comedy it is. This never gets too complicated but it also doesn’t really feel like the plot ever takes off, like taxiing a plane from one airport to another instead of taking flight. Sure, it got there but you know it could have in a bigger, better way. Everyone’s post-9/11 alarms are gonna…

  • The Heartbreak Kid

    The Heartbreak Kid


    It is a REAL treat to see a Charles Groden in pitch prime form. The way we get to not just loath Charles Groden for his actions but also relish in his obvious glee being such an absolute inconsiderate ass bag makes this required viewing. Cybil Shepherd plays confident yet affluently aloof with perfection & Jeannie Berlin is sweet and the right amount of loveably off. The plot went further than the honeymoon which was nice, usually there’s an effort to…

  • Slaxx



    While having the best of intentions and a want to entertain, ‘Slaxx’ sadly mostly comes up short in most respects besides that it is shot fairly competently. A pair of evil jeans is running amok and killing everyone who dares try them on. While the message is on point, even with just a little over an hour of running time, this doesn’t have much to do and when it does, it has to do it sparingly. This feels like a…

  • Shiva Baby

    Shiva Baby


    The Drama! The Horror! The Locks! No hora! This is a Shiva, learn some Jewish culture. The way this sets up it’s pieces, slow building a Jenga tower of subtle barbs & backhanded jabs that’s just begging to topple at any moment is impressive. The audio editing is fantastic and the framing is very well done. This is a comedy by way of schadenfreude, for the most part your likely feeling the crushing weight of family expectations and landline conversations. Overall, this was a pleasant yet tension filled experience; like most family gatherings.

  • Godzilla: King of the Monsters

    Godzilla: King of the Monsters


    Why is it so hard for people to get me to give a shit about Godzilla. He’s a giant reptile that people have a love/hate relationship with he’s iconic as all Hell, yet... while this does a lot better than 2014 movie, I just couldn’t quite get over the hump & give a shit. At this point, just give a 2 hour faux-nature doc about these “titans” and I’d probably be happier. Overall, God, Zilla, amirite?