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  • Get Duked!

    Get Duked!

    I didn’t finish this one. It wasn’t vibing with me

  • The Bloodhound

    The Bloodhound


    Why do these sorts of films make me feel like my brain is broken. It’s like trying to unravel a puzzle that makes more sense if you look up the definition of ‘bloodhound’ 

    I’ve watched this 1.5 times and I think I nearly have the full story. 

    Steph, ( @steph_h )you will like this a lot

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  • Terrifier



    For it is what it is. 
    I expected to hate this but it’s well written, well cast and well played Mr freaky ass clown. 

    One particular scene where he’s naked (to not spoil) was on point. Although I saw the ending coming it still decently thorough. 

    And that scene with the saw. Like eww

    What if I told you Art has been around since 2008?

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  • Pooka!



    Not your normal Christmas horror and that’s why it was good. 

    A great example of something different. Was slightly confusing at times but manages to explain itself by the end. 

    I liked it. Not my favorite of the three but still good odds on all episodes so far for finding something good to watch.

    For a full review, check my website out at Mother of Movies.