Stalker ★★★½

Stalker enters the unknown as it treads unchartered territory through a desolate landscape. It does so at a pedestrian pace, which although frustrating, is fitting since the movie is a pilgrimage of sorts. Three men travel through The Zone, a sacred place of wish-fulfilment. There's purpose and direction to the pilgrims embarking on this journey, but the three central characters are in no immediate hurry. It therefore takes a while to be fully drawn into this movie.

That said, there's a certain level of curiosity to it. Characters ponder a lot and the dialogue is both poetic and profound. The promise of seeking out The Room (located deep within The Zone), a place where one's desires can be truly realised, keeps matters ticking along. It does however end up being somewhat of a macguffin by the film's third act. Stalker reminded me a lot of something like Annihilation and The Lost City of Z. Panning shots stunningly capture the vastness of the land and the sepia tinted scenes are something to admire. It's shot incredibly well throughout.

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